It's been awhile. I'm still existing. It's been a journey - a hard one at that. Last year was the worst year of my life - hopefully ever. This year I'm healing and learning to hope again. It's like I kept getting beat even after I was down. When you lose your spark and your... Continue Reading →

To face or ignore

Bipolar life is rough. Even when you're fairly stable, the toll of previous episodes on your memory and mind is brutal. I've tried multiple methods of acknowledgement. One way was me head deep in the sand of bipolar news. Reading bipolar blogs, medical studies, and medicine reviews. Although it helped me feel less alone in... Continue Reading →

Me on Lithium

What a cliche. Just another treatment resistant bipolar here learning the error of her ways. I'm trying a new medicine regimen that is proving to be much better than previous attempts using a classic bipolar treatment, lithium. There's also one other medicine and together I am doing alright. I'm reading Kay Jamison's Unquiet Mind and... Continue Reading →

Margot Kidder’s Med-free Bipolar Treatment Plan

Source (Read this first):¬†https://www.alternativementalhealth.com/the-role-of-amino-acids-in-bipolar-disorder-and-mental-health/ This article written by Margot Kidder who suffered from bipolar explains the reasoning behind her daily amino acid regimen. This made me want to explore further into the research behind these different solutions - it was one of the first articles I found that gave me hope for an alternative treatment.... Continue Reading →

Joining the social sphere

I mentioned in a previous blog about how thankful I am to be blogging! I'm excited to share my story and my message of hope to new people. I'm motivated to try to educate people about their illness, and the options that are out there, sooner rather than later. I want to share the information... Continue Reading →

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