I am thankful for blogging

I always wanted to blog, and now my dream has come true.

It is where I can be imperfect in a world that glorifies perfection. It’s a place where I can be broken in a world that asks you to always have your sh*t together. It’s a forum when I can connect with other bipolar people and we can all be REAL.

This is important for me. This has been helpful for me. I’ve been spending a lot of time reading other people’s blogs who share their stories of depression, mania, but more importantly, recovery.

We need more success stories.

I hope to be one, but right now I’m still reorienting to a world that feels like it has rejected me. Rejected me for my mental health, rejected me for my lack of resiliency, rejected me for a sickness that I didn’t know how to heal or treat. But everyone hasn’t rejected me. Plenty of people either don’t know what I’ve been through this year or have been through something similar, or a loved one has been through something similar, so they have empathy.

I think that people who suffer from bipolar are unique and special. I think they dig a little deeper into their souls and see life a little differently. They see a thin veil that lays over life that hides what should seem “crazy” to everyone.

We’re all living in a world that has tried to fit us into a mold that we just cannot fit into.

I will not be discouraged. This is not my end. But if you’re fighting the good fight you are not fighting alone. To everyone out there sharing their story, anonymous or not, thank you.

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