Margot Kidder’s Med-free Bipolar Treatment Plan

Source (Read this first):

This article written by Margot Kidder who suffered from bipolar explains the reasoning behind her daily amino acid regimen. This made me want to explore further into the research behind these different solutions – it was one of the first articles I found that gave me hope for an alternative treatment. She gives a great guideline for anyone going into this to try out a natural “prescription.” Margot Kidder spent time with the Orthomolecular sphere of Andrew Saul (Vitamin C advocate) and Dr. Abram Hoffer (Niacin expert).

A couple of things I found interesting here. For one thing, I was excited to make the connection that Tryptophan is a precursor to Niacin which was shown by Dr. Hoffer to reduce schizophrenic symptoms. If you have bipolar and suffer from mania there is some similarities between psychotic episodes and schizophrenic symptoms.

When I read Margo Kidder’s death announcement I immediately suspected suicide which is heartbreaking. It is too often the final outcome of bipolar patients. Maybe you get tired of self-diagnosis, the ostracization, the fear of a relapse. Just recently the report came out that sure enough, that is what her death has been attributed to. Regardless, she has self reported to have up to 11 years without a relapse. I think the goal for many bipolar  individuals can be symptom free years. If nutrition can help, it’s a start.

Questions I still have include what are the long term implications of taking amino acids. Can they disrupt your body’s natural ability to create these? Do they wear off with time?

Luckily, Tryptophan no longer requires a prescription. All of these items can be purchased online or at a well stocked supplement store. I’ve added affiliate links below to brands that I’ve used and trust. If you want to see my current treatment check out this post. [Disclaimer]

“My Nutrition Regimen (Margot Kidder)

I have found the following regimen to work for me:


1000 mg of L-Tyrosine
500 mg of L-Glutamine
(Note: Glutamine is a stimulant and can trigger mania, so is only used if a stimulant is needed.)
500 mg combination of choline and inositol
Nature’s Life soft gelatin multiple vitamin (it digests better than pills and has extra B vitamins. This provides the nutrients the amino acids need to work)


500 – 1000 mg of L-Taurine
500 mg GABA (if a little hyper, can take 1000-2000 mg)
1000 mg L-tryptophan
Nature’s Life soft gelatin multiple vitamin


500 mg Phenylalaline to boost mood”

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