Me on Lithium

What a cliche. Just another treatment resistant bipolar here learning the error of her ways. I’m trying a new medicine regimen that is proving to be much better than previous attempts using a classic bipolar treatment, lithium. There’s also one other medicine and together I am doing alright.

I’m reading Kay Jamison’s Unquiet Mind and I feel some comfort in her own struggles in accepting treatment. We want so badly to believe our bodies are able to cope and to care for us only to be rudely awakened when the truth rears its head.

I’m still taking my core supplements in addition to the meds and I’m finding side effects to be so much less this time around and I’m staying further away from the darkness of depression.

My sleep is long and deep. My days are calm if not boring. Life is still handing me a word, “wait.” Waiting for what, I’m not sure. A more fulfilling life, some answers, and peace, I hope.

This has been a truly trying year. I pray some relief and some joy in the year to come.

Enough about me, how are all of you doing?

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  1. I’m so glad that you are able to better manage your condition using the resources available to you. It’s always hard to accept that your body betrays you, but if the medication works, then I’m glad you have it. Best of luck, and I’ll be keeping you in my prayers.


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