To face or ignore

Bipolar life is rough. Even when you’re fairly stable, the toll of previous episodes on your memory and mind is brutal.

I’ve tried multiple methods of acknowledgement. One way was me head deep in the sand of bipolar news. Reading bipolar blogs, medical studies, and medicine reviews. Although it helped me feel less alone in some ways, lots of it made me more depressed. And depression is hard enough as it is.

The other way is denial. I keep my interaction with these reminders to a minimum. It keeps me from thinking every little symptom is a side effect or the imminent doom of another relapse. But I miss a bit of the connection with my illness and the handful of hopeful stories I can find.

It’s exhausting either way. A happy medium is all you can do.

Having something that isn’t taboo to talk about would help with some of the social isolation.

So my question to you – what do you do to pass the time that also keeps your mental health from declining? When you feel that pull of depression how do you fight back?

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