Good Docs – Resources from various doctors who support holistic treatment

These are some of the doctors I researched on my road to recovery that share the alternative medicine mindset. (Let food be your medicine!)

Dr. Axe

Dr. Axe has a ton of valuable resources on his website including details on various supplements, recipes, great YouTube videos and much more.

Dr. Hyman

Dr. Hyman has written various books about the value of food as medicine including The Ultramind Solution. This is a GREAT book for anyone that is suffering from anxiety or minor mental issues but can also carry over into more serious diagnosis.

Dr. Kelly Brogan

Love her! She has a book called A Mind of Your Own which was the first book I read that made me feel like I was on the right track with my doubts of traditional treatment.

Dr. Ellen Vora

Dr. Vora’s holistic approach to bipolar includes: sleep (go to bed early, get up early), be aware of your sensitivity to artificial light, blood sugar maintenance (Paleo diet, snacks throughout the day), Magnesium, avoid things that destabilize the brain (alcohol, benzos, gluten). She has a ton of great short videos on YouTube and a couple of e-books available.

Dr. Abram Hoffer

Abram Hoffer is a psychiatrist who practiced from 1930-X and he lived to be 93 years old. He was able to treat Schizophenia by treating with high doses of Niacin.

Dr. John Bergman


Dr. Russell Blaylock


Dr. Eric Berg


He has a ton of videos on YouTube that are very educational.

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