Recommendations from Dr. Jim Haggerty for bipolar nutrient supplementation

I'm always on the hunt for new supplement recommendations for bipolar. I love to see new items on the list that I haven't considered before. An article by PsychCentral had a few of our known and a few unknowns so I thought I would share. Dr. Jim Haggerty recommends the following supplements for bipolar: Lecithin... Continue Reading →

Video: “Suicide: Here’s what nobody is talking about”

The fact that this truth is finally coming up just makes me want to... idk... punch BigPharm in the face. How do you release a medication that you know causes suicide in users? Or that is so hard to withdrawal from that it compares to heroin? Sorry, but your product is DEFECTIVE. You're not finished... Continue Reading →

I am thankful for blogging

I always wanted to blog, and now my dream has come true. It is where I can be imperfect in a world that glorifies perfection. It's a place where I can be broken in a world that asks you to always have your sh*t together. It's a forum when I can connect with other bipolar... Continue Reading →

Poem: Wow, Depression

Wow, depression You are a pit When your grasp around me Is so tight around my neck The only relief seems Like the extreme So mean So evil But that is not me Remember - life is good Remember - God is good It gets better You are safe God is in control Just keep... Continue Reading →

Slaying dragons

Hey there sensitive soul. You're not alone. If you're suffering from bipolar there are probably a storm of thoughts going through your day - like a knight that's constantly fighting a dragon. But once you fight one down, another one just comes to take its place. I know I should be more positive. I know... Continue Reading →

Stinkin’ Thinkin’

"No more of that Stinkin' thinkin'!" That's a phrase my dad used to use when I would start talking negatively growing up. So everytime I catch myself thinking negatively it comes to mind - I can label it - "that's stinkin' thinkin'." And I find that when I am feeling depressed that stinkin thinkin just... Continue Reading →

The dreaded TMJ

Does anyone here have a magic cure for TMJ? I can go months and have no issues then it starts to act up and it feels like half of my face is going to fall off. A couple weeks ago I was able to open my mouth without the familiar "pop" of it popping out... Continue Reading →

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